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TOPIC: I think too much balance hurts wow classic gold

I think too much balance hurts wow classic gold 1 month 1 week ago #452051

I think too much balance hurts wow classic gold and removes the"soul" from it. Forsaken and passing knight must have resistance that is pernament to charms and anxieties cs they're undead lorewise.

Blood elves must have greater magical dmg of taken dmg and some decrease. Same for night elves expect it's character dmg rather than magical. Orcs should have higher endurance (more hp) and greater melee dmg. Taurens should run quicker. Humans should have same efect as night elves and blood elves, but with holy dmg that moment. Worgen should run faster like taurens.

Dreinei mb have endurance like dmg dealing that is better and orcs. Gnomes and goblins may have some thing like better stealth cs they're shorts. lol. And pandas could have something like higher endurance, cs they're fat. We all knows that being fat makes you have greater hp, overwatch revealed us. obviously. Its rather unbalanced, I think it would bring depth and soul to WoW Classic.
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