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TOPIC: Arena of Valor would get a full-blown movie

Arena of Valor would get a full-blown movie 1 month 1 week ago #451872

The ranking mode has seven rankings: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master and conqueror. The matches from bronze to gold are "blind pick" where the player does not know which heroes the enemy team chose. From platinum onwards, the system of banishment and choice of heroes (pick and ban) becomes effective. The bronze, the lowest link, comprises about 35% of the player base, while the master represents only 1%. Master players who are in the top 50 will receive the title of Conqueror, common among professional players.

Despite what we speculated last week, there was no special third reward waiting to fill that blank spot in the reveal poster. The two main attractions of Xeniel’s Codex Chapter 6 are the Space Ronin Riktor and Imperial Blademaster Quillen skins. Coming in at Level 30 and Level 60 respectively, this is a very melee-heavy edition of the codex, and one that should scratch the itch of any Star Wars fan given the focus on lightsaber-style blades.If you are you looking for more about Buy Arena of Valor Account check out our website.

To make up for the lack of an exclusive hero this time around, Elite Codex owners get a hero selection chest at both Level 1 and 20 instead. The first gives the option of Zill, Arduin or Murad, with the second featuring Wisp, Max or TeeMee. The rest of goodies include EVO Crystals, skin customization items, and the usual amount of assorted rewards like arcana chests, skin tokens, and avatars. You’ll even recoup a few hundred vouchers in the process to probably encourage topping up for next month’s codex chapter. Cunning!
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