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TOPIC: Things would be distributed equal

Things would be distributed equal 1 month 2 weeks ago #451551

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Back when I played with vanilla through wotlk I was at a hardcore raid guild. The guilds I were in were mostly casual guilds. We had a lot of fun and raided twice a week. However, I never got EPIC weapons or EPIC things. Items from tier dungeons. Example I never stepped a foot in Naxx. So weapons or no Naxx equipment. In TBC I feel the guild I was in had gotten SSC on farm whatever the last raid was in TBC or when WOTLK came out, so that I never got to perform Sunwell. My point is the time around I want to experience each of the best tier raids and get at least some of the end game gear and Gold in WoW Classic weapons. That I couldn't get since the casual guilds I played progression time was to slow. Don't get me wrong with fun and meeting new people is essential to me. When raiding with a hardcore guild, so unfortunately at least in my experiences that is only achievable.

Proving once americans bashing communism without knowing what it is and how it functions. If it was communism, Things would be distributed equal. Raiding guilds have some form of authoritarian structure. The top decides everything. Can you actually feel you can distribute solutions to everyone'free of cost'? No you can't. Look at Venezuela, they can not provide basic services to anyone anymore now that the government has sucked money out of everybody's pockets(aside from the ruling elite).Nothing comes for free from this world, and nothing ever will.

I need see boomkins, ferals, ret paladins and raid with my pals and bunch homies. ( I guess that you draw the line with fire mages in MC because of immune mobs rather than needing dot specs or utilizing uncessary dots as 16 debuff slots. ! Smite priests are trendy also ha! I want see lot of ganksters playing they love and only loving WoW Classic. If supervisors fall over I care. I dont even care if we have a feral MT. to get MC atleast it'd make it harder. It seems simple although im not sure how hard is MC as I never played vanilla Buy WoW Classic Gold. All guild that is of will bring a challenge to it. Convinced I didnt see all of the content of naxx . But naxx is hard along with the pots you will need is a task in itself. I dont want get a flask almost never. I plan to play a ret paladin.
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