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TOPIC: Path of Exile: Ice Trap In 3.3

Path of Exile: Ice Trap In 3.3 11 months 5 days ago #438717

Ice Trap and Conversion Trap have not been talked about yet. Conversion Trap is a bit special so lets focus on Ice Trap. Currently it sits at level 28 and has a 2s CD. Going from that and its similarity in playstyle to Lightning and Fire Trap lets me hope that it also loses its CD in 3.3 but I have not seen news on it yet. Personally I think just removing the CD and maybe adjusting the damage slightly would be enough and just have as the standalone version for cold damage oriented trappers without the need for matching 'Uber' trap of the same element.

The big advantage of ice trap over fire trap (and that's why i've used ice trap in every trap build) is because it has 1 second cooldown less than fire trap. It's obvious that this cooldown will also be removed when fire trap's CD is being removed. If you like this update too, the be sure to have a look at our PoE Currency purchase Special Offers.

Another option could be a mechanical change of ice trap but I think they'd rather adjust some damage numbers to come even to fire trap, because right now (in our 3.3 knowledge) fire trap with it's 6% crit and DoT is 100% better than ice trap. even with same damage numbers I don't think the potential freeze and cold is worth it because you have more ways to penetrate fire res instead of cold res.

After thinking some more about it, I think making Ice Trap available at level 12 (aka entering Merveils Cavern) and giving it some extra AoE with levels like +1 at level 6+, +2 at 11+, +3 at 16+ and +4 at 21 or higher would be nice. As well as the removal of the CD. Damage might even nerfed a bit since removing the Cooldown would quadruple the damage since you go from the 2s CD down to the .5s base throwing speed. In addition, when you are in need of cheap PoE items for trade, U4GM is a trustful and safe site.

Ice trap was kind of meh early on, but once you got the cruel lab for saboteur, it was smooth sailing all the way to 90. 9+ ice traps going off at the same + frost bomb + frostbite dealt with bosses pretty easily back then. Nowadays it's just sad.
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